Company overview

Our company's profile is to make customized video production for request. We have been in business since 2002, shooting and editing more than 3,000 customized video at this time.

With over 8 years of experience our business has been built up by getting to know our customers, their unique needs and building up a relationship with them in ways that can get the best possible service at a competitive price. It's also very imortant that the final result have to be exactly as our client has imagined earlier. We are referred worldwide by many satisfied clients who have been giving us their referrals to their friends.

Our equipment

We constantly update our equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our company has it's own studio and facilities for doing all kinds of shoots. Video productions are made only by own videographers and editors. We own all our technical equipment and do all our editing and services by ourselves. We won't rent substandard untested equipment from subcontractors. We don't sub out work to be edited by other people nor do we hire videographers off the street like so many other companies do. This assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up.

We use Broadcast, industrial grade non-linear digital editing systems. As stated above, we use only the most tasteful effects. We also offer super high resolution presentations with 6 X 8 foot or larger screens. With this, you can present a video photomontage of your most precious photos and video. We present your custom video directly from the digital master, making a superior quality presentation.

Our cameras perform excellently in low-light conditions, there will be times when some additional light is necessary for a beautiful customized video. Although our equipment is always perfectly maintained and tested frequently, our videographers also carry back-up equipment at all times. See our studio and facilites available on this site:

Our staff

We are making custom videos with a full team of highly trained camera staff, production assistants and editors who can deliver high end results for our clients. Highly trained video industry professionals shoot all snapshots. We train each individual to get the clean, steady shots we need to make the most beautiful, artistic video which is the trademark of standard of excellence and quality. We also train them in the art of getting the shots while staying inconspicuous. We have a very knowledgeable office staff too. They can also help answer any technical questions or how we will fit into your order's itinerary.

All our staff is forever courteous and helpful. Please don't hesitate to ask for any special requests. We work with several top modelling agencies and have hired more than 500 models. Choosing the model, the clothings or theme  is also very easy and if you want something different our team will always reply promptly to your e-mails.

Our services

You may be not be aware that we are a full-service video production company, whatever your needs are, i.e. unique custom videos, photographic shoots, fashion and commercial videos, customized fetish videos, wet and messy, nylon or glamorous or any other video production -- our dedicated staff can service your project using top models, skilled production crews and the latest high definition video standards - all at a very affordable cost.

We are fully licensed and insured, making video is all we do, focusing 100% on our clients needs, assuring them the highest quality and attention possible. Most other companies simply can't assure this level of service. We accept payments via PayPal or credit cards via CCbill, and the production time is always as short as possible.

We are looking forward to have you as a customer.